Putting the Soul back into the SOULution! Every problem be it mental, emotional, physical, energetic or emotional has a spiritual SOULution!

The Body
is a complex tapestry; a woven web of Mind, Emotion, Body, and Spirit. Complete balance/HEALTH can only be achieved by looking at and addressing all levels. My passion in life is helping empower people by helping them understand how their mental beliefs, perceptions and expectations influence their emotions, body and life. In my sessions and classes I share the tools and knowledge I’ve accumulated in the past 20 years studying Chinese Medicine, Massage, Feng Shui , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki and Medical Intuition in order to help you view and interact with your body in a holistic way. Once you understand the language of your body you can use the tools to balance and heal your mind, heart, body and life.

I am a natural born shaman. A shaman is one who seems through and into the darkness. The darkness is ignorance. The perceptions, beliefs, judgements and expectations we harbor deep in our unconscious minds and hearts that work unknowingly against us. These habitual patterns control our thoughts, emotional state, state of our physical body, lives and the world at large. 

I began my journey of awakening in Massage Therapy School over nineteen years ago. I quickly awoke to the fact that
there is a lot more going on with the body than meets the eyes and hands.  I was set on fire with a passion to help others and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

I now have a profound understanding of the languages of the Body, the Heart, the Mind and the Spirit.
I perceive and am well versed in the language that unifies them all; a language that alludes most. Knowing this Soul-Language, something as seemingly unimportant as a cut on one’s index finger contains volumes of information unlocking unconscious mental, emotional and energetic patterns, limitations, perceptions, judgments, beliefs and expectations. One’s mental and emotional limitations are reflected in the body. Once you know what your body is telling you, you can address and clear the issues freeing you to have the body and life you desire.

I help free people up and empower them by teaching them how to perceive, understand and utilize this unifying language of the Soul. I take the mystery out of mysticism and spirituality, and
I put the keys in your hands! I help others awake up to the blocks holding them back and empowers others with self-awareness and easy to use tools.