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Putting the Soul back into the SOULution! Every problem be it mental, emotional, physical, energetic or emotional has a spiritual SOULution!

* The Body is a complex tapestry; a woven web of Mind, Emotion, Body, and Spirit. Complete balance/HEALTH can only be achieved by looking at and addressing all levels. My passion in life is helping empower people by helping them understand how their mental beliefs, perceptions and expectations influence their emotions, body and life. In my sessions and classes I share the tools and knowledge I’ve accumulated in the past 20 years studying Chinese Medicine, Massage, Feng Shui , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki and Medical Intuition in order to help you view and interact with your body in a holistic way. Once you understand the language of your body you can use the tools to balance and heal your mind, heart, body and life.

I teach the most comprehensive classes on how to understand the inner workings of your Mind, Heart and Body, and what you can do to work with and change these different aspects of yourself. I not only give people the understanding they need, but also the tools necessary to improve their minds, hearts, bodies and spirits!

Motivational classes are great, but
they fall short of giving someone real power if they don’t teach you how to work with your own mind and heart. Motivation alone is not enough! Imagine that you are sitting in a small boat. Motivation is like that little push you need to get you out onto the waters of LIFE, which is nice. However, you’re not getting very far if your boat is not untied from the dock and you don’t have a paddle. Your negative mental habits are what tie you to the shore of misery, and the simple techniques I teach are the paddles you need to direct your own life.

Schedule a session or join a class and experience the Unlimited Benefits of embracing Change and Growth by achieving understanding of the "Root Cause" of conflicts/issues/problems/obstacles within your Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit to gain Re