Putting the Soul back into the SOULution! Every problem be it mental, emotional, physical, energetic or emotional has a spiritual SOULution!

Jon is a natural born shaman. A shaman is one who seems through and into the darkness. The darkness is ignorance. The perceptions, beliefs, judgements and expectations we harbor deep in our unconscious minds and hearts that work unknowingly against us. These habitual patterns control our thoughts, emotional state, state of our physical body, lives and the world at large. 

Jon began his journey of awakening in Massage Therapy School nineteen years ago. He quickly awoke to the fact that there is a lot more going on with the body than meets the eyes and hands. He was set on fire with a passion to help others and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Jon now has a profound understanding of the languages of the Body, the Heart, the Mind and the Spirit. More importantly he perceives and is well versed in the language that unifies them all; a language that alludes most. Knowing this Soul-Language, something as seemingly unimportant as a cut on one’s index finger contains volumes of information unlocking unconscious mental, emotional and energetic patterns, limitations, perceptions, judgments, beliefs and expectations. One’s mental and emotional limitations are reflected in the body. Once you know what your body is telling you, you can address and clear the issues freeing you to have the body and life you desire.

Jon helps free up and empower others by teaching them how to perceive, understand and utilize this
unifying language of the Soul. He takes the mystery out of mysticism and spirituality, and puts the keys in the individual’s own hands. He helps others awake up to the blocks holding them back and empowers others with self-awareness and easy to use tools.

Jon has been doing body work, teaching and lecturing for over 18 years helping people understand their own
Soul-Language and giving them real SOULutions to their problems be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Some of his studies include:
Massage Therapy...since 1996                                                     
Reiki Teacher...since 1998                                                                              
EMF Balancing...since 1998                                                           
Trance Dance Presenter...since 1998                                         
EFT...since 2002                                                                                
BodyTalk Practitioner...since 2003                                                               
P.E.A.T. Processing...since 2006
Quantum Touch...since 2007
Matrix Energetics...since 2009
Massage CEU Provider...since 2011
Reconnective Healing...since 2012
Qi-gong Instructor...since 2013

 Other studies include Shamanism, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Consciousness and Feng Shui to name a few.



Client Testimonials

"I have felt absolutely wonderful since our last session. I have had more energy and stamina since I saw you than I have had since chemo began, and my mood has been more stable and much more positive."

Mary Taylor - Wichita Falls, TX

"I am now taking piano lessons, and I feel less anxiety after each BodyTalk session."

Lavada M. - Wichita Falls, TX

"I feel much better, stronger, hardly any arrhythmia, much less brain fog and more energy. A couple of days ago I briskly walked for 2 miles and my pulse afterwards was a great 65. I am looking forward to long, wonderful walks again."

Gianna P. - Lawton, OK